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Writing Romantic Adventures from Ancient Israel to Modern Day USA

Barbara M. Britton

Award-Winning Author

Welcome to my cyber home. I am thrilled to share my stories with you and talk about anything and everything book related. Being a debut author after years of typing away at my computer and composing scenes with pen and paper—I type way too slow—is a blessing.

Did I always want to be a writer? I read books as a child for school and pleasure, but didn’t see myself becoming an author. Many years later while writing curriculum for elementary school chapels, I hit a mental block and prayed, “Lord, hit me with some creativity.” I composed all my lesson plans, but when I finished, I had a prompting to write more. Five books, and nine years later, my first Biblical Romantic Adventure is being shared with readers. Not all my stories are set in Scripture--I’m an equal opportunity adventure writer—but after years of bringing Bible stories to life for kindergarten through fifth graders, I thought why not write what I teach.

So, sit back, open my books, and hang on for fiction based in truth.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,