JULY 30, 2017

Alexis goring and I talk about the storm damage of life and how to overcome it! http://capturingtheidea.blogspot.com/


July 21, 2017

​Join me and author Peggy Blann Phifer as I share how I struggled with survivor's guilt after I survived my breast cancer battle.

Whispers In Purple

Saturday Spotlight with Pam Thibodeaux is here. ~July 8th 2017

Christian Fiction in Wisconsin

​May 9, 2017

I am joining my friend and fellow Christian fiction author, Liz Tolsma, on her blog this week. Liz and I both are enjoying the frigid spring here in the Badger State (Not!). Leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win "Building Benjamin: Naomi's Journey."

Liz Tolsma Blog


The Benefits of Paper Books

April 25, 2017

Author Susan Day shares her thoughts on why reading paper books is beneficial.​

I'm With Theresa Lynn Hall Today

​May 17, 2017

Join me and fellow PBG author, Theresa Lynn Hall, as we talk about the journey to publish books, and how I came up with the story for "Building Benjamin."

Theresa's Wednesday's Writer(me!)

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Fabulous First Pages

​June 7, 2017

How do you draw a reader into a story? It's not easy. Writers struggle to begin a story at the right moment. Join me as I share my tips on rocking the beginning of a book with Tessa Emily Hall.

I'm Joining Texan Lena Nelson Dooley On Her Blog

​June 2, 2017

Please join author Lena Nelson Dooley and I as we discuss where I find my characters--my Wonder Women of the Bible. Please leave a comment to be entered into a giveaway of "Building Benjamin: Naomi's Journey."


Fun at Commencement

​June 6, 2017

Steven Levitan, UW-Madison grad and TV producer (Modern Family), gave the commencement address at my son's graduation. Steve was a hoot and gave some practical--and funny--advice to the graduates. Here are his points for those who weren't at graduation, or didn't have a pen.

-Roll the dice in your 20's...when you can live in your parent's basement and still be on their insurance.

-Succeed or fail on your own terms...be respectful of others, but stick to your (moral/ethical) guns.

-It's hard to fail 10 times in a row.....keep at it. Steve failed nine times before having a hit.

-Be calm in a crisis...no matter how dark it gets, the light will always come... Steve talked about getting stuck in an elevator, but those of us who know Jesus, always have Thee light.

-It's hard to live up to your potential if you don't like what you do...enough said. Enjoy the journey.

Anyone else hear some good pointers at commencement speeches?​

Sifting Through The Bible; Or How I Find My Main Characters

​May 25, 2017

Join me and Phyllis Wheeler as I share how the characters in my stories jumped from anonymity to being stars of their own books. All those long lists of names are difficult to read, but they are full of story treasures.​

Behind the Scenes with Phyllis Wheeler​

5 reasons why print books are better than eBooks

Over the past decade eBooks have grown in popularity to such an extent that many authors only produce electronic versions of their books.

They say that an electronic reader can hold thousands of books. They can go anywhere and fit into your handbag. You don’t need huge bookshelves to hold your books either, and electronic books are much cheaper.

But many parents, and indeed grandparents, lament the loss of print books. While the benefits mentioned above about eBooks are true, there are some good reasons why you should still read and collect good, old fashioned print books.

Here are 5 of them:

1.You can read without power by candle light

If the power goes out and your e-reader runs out of battery, your reading time will be cut short. Print books on the other hand can be read by candle light or torch. They do not need backlighting or any form of power. The words are simple printed on the page, and to make the most of them the only energy required is for you to turn the page with your hand.

2.You can read in the bath without fear of electrocution

This is a big plus because no one wants to be electrocuted in the bath. Reading a print book in the bath is a much safer option. You can put it to one side while you scrub or just soak up the rejuvenating power of those bubbles. And, if you do drop it in the water it can be dried out, eventually, and be almost as good as new. Let’s face it, you’ll never get an e-reader to work again once it has been dunked in bath suds.

3.There are not annoying distractions from social media or notifications from your email provider

If you have used an e-reader you’ll know how annoying it is when you are about to find out who the murdered is, and then you see a little box pop up telling you some Nigerian Prince has left you a million dollars, or even worse, there’s an email from your boss.

And, what about all those distracting, annoying social media notifications? If your protagonist is about to fall into the arms of her beloved, you don’t want to be distracted by seeing an alert from your neighbor telling the world what she had for lunch.

4.You can share a book without the screen rotating or turning blank

Sharing a book with your children or grandchildren is a wonderful way to pass the time. It allows you to build strong bonds and memories which will last a lifetime.

Sharing a book on an e-reader is problematic. When you want to share the images or take turns in reading, the screen can go blank or end up rotating out of control.

Print books make shared reading times much easier and less stressful. You simply pass the book around or take turns it to share its contents with your loved ones, and the images and the words stay in the one place. It’s amazing!

5.You can lose yourself in the tactile nature of a print book.

This is the most important aspect of print books. They feel great and they smell awesome. Nothing beats the way the paper feels when you turn it over. You can never swipe too hard and lose your spot in a print book either.

Books are weighty items which are a delight to hold and treasure. Sure, fill up your e-reader if you want, but next time there is a power cut or you want to share your favorite children’s classic with some young ones reach for a print book instead. You’ll find it is much more satisfying and rewarding.

About the author - Susan Day

Susan Day is an author of 15 books and a content marketer. Her blog, Astro’s Adventures Book Club, is full of ideas and tips for grandparents who want to build a strong relationship with their grandchildren. In particular, Susan specializes in helping grandparents share their love of books with their grandchildren. Susan is currently writing a book titled, The Top 10 Things Happy Grandparents Never Regret Doing!

Susan lives in country Australia with four dogs, three boss cats, three rescue guinea pigs, and an errant kangaroo. And, apart from blogging, writing and reading; she loves drinking coffee, painting and learning to box.