AUGUST 25, 2017

​Join me as I share how I find my heroines for my Biblical fiction. There are several "Wonder Women" in the Bible.

Talkshow Thursday

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I'm Joining Texan Lena Nelson Dooley On Her Blog

​June 2, 2017

Please join author Lena Nelson Dooley and I as we discuss where I find my characters--my Wonder Women of the Bible. Please leave a comment to be entered into a giveaway of "Building Benjamin: Naomi's Journey."


Fabulous First Pages

​June 7, 2017

How do you draw a reader into a story? It's not easy. Writers struggle to begin a story at the right moment. Join me as I share my tips on rocking the beginning of a book with Tessa Emily Hall.

Christian Fiction in Wisconsin

​May 9, 2017

I am joining my friend and fellow Christian fiction author, Liz Tolsma, on her blog this week. Liz and I both are enjoying the frigid spring here in the Badger State (Not!). Leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win "Building Benjamin: Naomi's Journey."

Liz Tolsma Blog


October 16, 2017

Join me on fellow Pelican Book Group author Mary Manners blog. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of BUILDING BENJAMIN.

Mary's Blog

​October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please remember to get a yearly 3D mammogram and don't wait to biopsy if something shows up.


Award-Winning Author

Fun at Commencement

​June 6, 2017

Steven Levitan, UW-Madison grad and TV producer (Modern Family), gave the commencement address at my son's graduation. Steve was a hoot and gave some practical--and funny--advice to the graduates. Here are his points for those who weren't at graduation, or didn't have a pen.

-Roll the dice in your 20's...when you can live in your parent's basement and still be on their insurance.

-Succeed or fail on your own terms...be respectful of others, but stick to your (moral/ethical) guns.

-It's hard to fail 10 times in a row.....keep at it. Steve failed nine times before having a hit.

-Be calm in a crisis...no matter how dark it gets, the light will always come... Steve talked about getting stuck in an elevator, but those of us who know Jesus, always have Thee light.

-It's hard to live up to your potential if you don't like what you do...enough said. Enjoy the journey.

Anyone else hear some good pointers at commencement speeches?​

I'm With Theresa Lynn Hall Today

​May 17, 2017

Join me and fellow PBG author, Theresa Lynn Hall, as we talk about the journey to publish books, and how I came up with the story for "Building Benjamin."

Theresa's Wednesday's Writer(me!)

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JULY 30, 2017

Alexis goring and I talk about the storm damage of life and how to overcome it! http://capturingtheidea.blogspot.com/


July 21, 2017

​Join me and author Peggy Blann Phifer as I share how I struggled with survivor's guilt after I survived my breast cancer battle.

Whispers In Purple

Saturday Spotlight with Pam Thibodeaux is here. ~July 8th 2017

Sifting Through The Bible; Or How I Find My Main Characters

​May 25, 2017

Join me and Phyllis Wheeler as I share how the characters in my stories jumped from anonymity to being stars of their own books. All those long lists of names are difficult to read, but they are full of story treasures.​

Behind the Scenes with Phyllis Wheeler​